Managing the Content Transformation Workflow

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Content transformation is a series of collaborative steps that result in the creation of media-rich content. The basic process includes the following steps.

1. Content Creation – The content is created / written by authors or technical groups

2. Content Editorial / Composition Services – Editorial services fine tune the content according to the required style of delivery and other translation and localization needs. In order to re-engineer a document, a composition tool is necessary to combine transactional data and appropriate promotional content to compose the output.

3. Content Publishing Services – They are responsible for timely and accurate delivery of content to the market.

There are a number of content transformationsolutions available in the market. They primarily cater to import and creation of documents and multimedia material; track and manage multiple versions of a single instance of content; and, publish the content to a repository and support access to the content.

Nowadays, many publishing organizations are now outsourcing their content transformation needs. A large number of KPO(Knowledge Process Outsourcing) organizations now offer to take up content transformation activities with a promise to deliver in a timely manner.

Since the entire content workflow management gets transferred to the outsourcing provider, the organizations enjoy reduced costs and complexities of managing information; increase in their productivity levels; and, be able to reach faster to the readership base.

Compliance is also an important factor to consider here. With stringent compliance requirements posed for organizations in different sectors, they find it difficult to cope with the variety of content they need to handle; which can be efficiently handled by these outsourcing providers.

An automated, workflow-driven content management system aggregates everyone’s effort in this entire process: writers, reviewers, managers, web designers and other contributors; and ensures that the content is ably managed, and monitored to be delivered on time.

The digital publishing market is now abounding with new and innovative solutions that support business publishing processes and their need to be efficient and compliant. Making use of their services will definitely push the organization ahead in the race.

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Managing the Content Transformation Workflow

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This article was published on 2009/07/10