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Are you constantly pushing towards your next goal or do you remain content with where you are now? Are you seeking spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth or do you remain content at your current level? Today is Ivan Pavlov’s birthday. We best know him for his experiments with hunger, salivation and our body’s reflex system. I think we all have used the phrase “Pavlov’s Dog” at some point in our life. I think Mr. Pavlov gave us his viewpoint in today’s daily quote:

While you are experimenting, do not remain content with the surface of things.

In all paths of growth and study, we do not need to remain content with things we are told, or rules we are given. If we believed just what we see, hear and are told on the surface of things, no one would ever do anything great, invent anything or change the world in any way. What would have happened if women had said, “Okay, fine. We don’t need to vote. We’ll just let the men do that.”? Women chose to not remain content with the state of voter’s rights and started the Suffrage Movement. Pavlov kept on experimenting and learning and gave us a phrase that everyone uses even today. Thomas Edison tried over 10,000 different prototypes before coming up with a working lightbulb. I, for one, am grateful that Mr. Edison did not remain content with the fact that he tried and failed! What is your driving desire? What gets you fired up?

For today, I propose that we take a good look at our dreams, driving desires and goals. Let’s revamp the lists wherever we see that we are choosing to remain content instead of pushing towards those goals. Let’s use Ivan Pavlov and Thomas Edison as examples of tenacity and resolve. Where can we look below the surface today? Make this a phenomenal day!

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Do You Remain Content? Asks Psychic Elizabeth

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Do You Remain Content? Asks Psychic Elizabeth

This article was published on 2011/09/15